Rosarita Glass Ring

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This is a righteous ring with it's orange striped and bold design and the comfort is oooo la la! Rosarita Glass is a result of Gold Refinery. Back in the 50's 60's and 70's gold was refined from Alaskan sand and thus us the "slag" results and people don't want to hear "slag" so it's Rosarita Glass. What I have determined is that Rosarita Glass as seen in this imperfectly perfect top notch specimen is gold infused glass - that's what gives it the great ranges of reds and oranges. Anyway back to this bold and beautiful ring created to fit a special personality and a perfect size 8 Yes honey it's your size! The shank was made sturdy to hold up through the generations of heirloom jewelry this one will prove to be. It's been hard for me to tuck this baby into the jewelry box for safe keeping but that's where she stays with the Sterling Silver rope adorning the rustic style and design that is truly a one of a kind piece. This is becoming my signature so get em fast before I hit the big time because that's where I'm going! I haven't worked this hard and long not too. But I will always reserve special care and attention to delivering this to it's new forever home with personalized attention.