Amythest wCampitos Turquoise Earrings

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Rustic reality mixed in with real beauty could be a description for these stunning earrings. Starting with the handmade twisted wire earwires that feature hollow half rounds handstamped with Zia type symbols that have deep meaning (that include,seasons, life, daytime's & directions.)  The twisted wire surround the Campitos mined Turquoise teardrops evens out the twisted look of these NM inspired earrings. Not forgetting the round Amythest cabs decorating the middle.the Amythest is natural with inclusions and check out the silvery matrix in the teardrops. Also notable is the handcut hearts playing peek a boo for the turquiose backdrop.  Every detail is hand made by myself as well as the silver has been recycled by myself in my studio with a crucible, torch and rolling mill. There is a "wrinkle" on the backside of one of the earrythst I decided to work with just a reminder that perfection includes real scars and imperfections. This is how I roll! Measuring 2 and 3/8ths of an inch including earwires.

Reminder that earwires can be swapped for something that is more your style and within my studio limitations. May include an increase or decrease of price. I've set these priced to sell, as I know even at this price it can be hard to afford. At this day and age I am striving to price to afford even if it doesn't include my time I still feel everyone deserves chance to own wearable art!