Bar Necklace

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I was able to capture everything in my original design in this well thought out piece. It embodies everything New Mexico to me, the warmth of a kiva fireplace, leaves and tumbleweeds on a windy day, chain link fence, wide-open areas, a moonsone rain just when it's needed. It's made from my heart and soul,it means a lot to me to have painstakingly made each link even if imperfect because finally I can accept that I am me and this here is a fine example of what I am capable of when I apply myself.

I have found out that Black Jade of course has many great qualities: the spiritual side helps to explore vulnerabilities & expose them for what they really are - NOT what we fear them to be. This piece is made from Nevada Black Jade carefully sourced as well as the great Turquoise teardrops. If you find this piece stunning or appreciate it's beauty for what it is do what your heart tells you. It's got a bayonet clasp that was all hand made by myself and will last lifetimes. Made to be an heirloom.