Citrine with Rosarita Pendant

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I worked this piece from drawing to reality, this really was ainds eye piece with the scrolling wire work and chain metamorphosis, the drawing became this piece and I have been pleasantly pleased with this matter of work since. It is priced accordingly. The faceted Citrine face is pretty much flawless and the pairing with this translucent swirling Rosarita body set to show off beautifully. A jaunty hat on top accented with a 14 carrot "shot" ( ball) onto the neck and shoulder area and the bottom of footed piece are all accented with gold shot. There is a 6 inch section at the top of each side of the necklace area ( including the lobster clasp) that is store bought Rolo Sterling silver chain that I felt fit in with the piece. The entire piece measures 22 inches with the dancer part. All Sterling silver.