Oruboros Variscite Bracelet

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Long time planning, designing went into making this bracelet. Since I have discovered Oruboros, it's meaning I have been fairly obsessed with it. I not fondcof snakes in general, I find them beautiful and the symbolism of a snake eating it's tail is the circle of life in a nutshell.Goggle snake eating it's tail and maybe you'll find the Oruboros fascinating also. The snake is cast by the tufa cast process, an ancient process of carving tufa stone(hardened volcanic ash) then melting silver in a crucible and pouring into the prepared tufa. The bracelet is fabricated 18 gauge sheet solded to the Oruboros,and the bezel setting for the Variscite stone,which by the way is a mesmerising patch if bliss...sourced from Nevada by a small family business miner. The flush set eye is diamond. This us a statement piece for the not faint at heart. Meant to be worn anywhere! It measures 5 1/4 inches and can be adjusted for a medium to large wrist.