Thulite & Turquoise Bracelet

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This is a winner bracelet all round. Statement piece for days to be sure yet it can be worn every day. Solid silver fabrication with comfort factor added. This is a bracelet to wear with that little black dress or jeans and a t-shirt. Royalty will approve of this piece to wear to the Opera, five star dinners or out to dinner and a movie. The Thulite I had to have theinute I saw my guy post it. The pink is deep and I'd say flawless for the entire piece, it's the color that drew me in and I made this bracelet right away. I knew it just had to be done! The lapidary artist I source from are hard working small business people, in the Thulite's case lapidarist he ails from Washington, a gentle soul that knows his craft. The Turquoise travels from Mexico just past the boarder from a single Dad who has heart and soul  plus skills handed down from generation to generation. I chose to keep the design old school simple enough to just allow the colors to carry this piece. The silver measures 5 inches with 1and one quarter inch gap that can be adjusted wider or smaller. Hand stored with makers initials and 2021. I fell in love with this piece and I feel confident if you are attracted to this piece you will be drawn in also. Metaphysical properties of Thulite include but not limited to: encouraging joy and compassion. Gives strength in the face of adversity, promotes eloquent speech and is helpful in healing past emotional abuse. Turquoise metaphysical properties included but not limited to: easing general pain, Rheumatism, clears negative energy, promotes self acceptance and aids in relieving stress. That's a power cuff to be sure All Sterling Silver.