Turquoise Earrings Pierced Clip-On

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Pleading shapes of Alpine Village mined Turquoise from my reliable source started this design for these comfortable clip on ear wire type earrings. A simple design was my idea for these wear any wear earrings. I procured the stainless steel fingernail sort of clip on earrings that Ive been searching for as I am always looking for new types, styles of earwires. I am constantly trying to up my areire game to find the most reliable "no lose" earrings. I don't know many people who like to lose there earrings do you? So I soldered these easily to my design and I have tested these which means I slept on them overnight. I wasn't bothered by them and I could barely tell I was wearing earrings except when I looked in the mirror! Also if you are looking for a clip on I can easily modify these. I feel like these are a success and will be designing and executing a pair of long earrings for this style. And they don't fall off! Measur 7/8 of an inch.